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Air Miles Gardening

House projects and gardening should mean one thing to a mileage hoarder--a great opportunity.  Weed killer, mulch, an ergonomic gardening trowel, bird seed, and a bird feeder are all things I've needed this spring.  I live less than 2 miles from a Home Depot so they are my go to store.  I simply go to the Delta Skymiles site, type in Home Depot and there I am.  I use the in store option and load up the cart.  You get an immediate confirmation followed by another timely email confirmation that your products are awaiting you at your chosen store.  Print the confirmation, go to the store's service desk and there will be your cart filled with your items.  Since you've already paid online, you simply hand the desk person your printed confirmation and you walk out of the store with the filled cart.  The reward?  The easiest shopping ever AND a ton of miles.  If you've spent say 100$, you receive 100 miles from your Delta credit card plus 400 miles by using the skymiles site.  500 miles and you didn't have to board a plane.

I also recently remodeled my kitchen.  Another great mileage opportunity.  I needed new shelf liner, the non-stick kind that provides cushioning.  Home Depot has it.  My new counter tops are quartz and I can't use my old bleach cleanser.  My kitchen contractor recommended 409.  Home Depot has it.  My old drawer organizers were pretty disgusting.  Home Depot has some nice new ones.  Also convenient about the process is that you know what is in stock without ever leaving home.

The possibilities are endless.  Go shopping the mileage way!