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Air Travel Outside the States

Some countries have their own small carriers that fly new planes at bargain prices. You can even book one-way tickets at half the price. For instance, I flew LAN air in Ecuador, about a 45 minute flight, between Quito and Cuenca for about 50$. It’s a 12 hour drive because the road goes over the Andes. Although extremely cheap, it’s an even longer trip by bus. Sometimes you can get deals for airlines in a country with cooperating airlines. Three airlines in Thailand sell flights by segment for a good price but you must buy the segments beforehand; they can’t be purchased in Thailand. By the way, this applies to high-speed trains in Japan. You buy a one-price ticket that can be used multiple times but again, can’t be purchased once you’re there.

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  1. When we're touring America or Europe, we use our own plane and a great advantage of that is it cuts out an awful lot of time checking in. You literally drive up to the plane, get on and then drive off at the other end.Flights to Santiago