Reflections and advice based on personal experience.

A Note on Taxis

 In many countries outside the U.S. taxi drivers do not expect tips although you may want to round up to the next dollar. Do read before you go what the local official taxis look like. Avoid unmarked taxis. In some places they do not use meters so be sure to settle the price before you get in. Repeat the amount out loud for confirmation. If an area is sketchy or if it is nighttime, have the restaurant or hotel call you a cab. If you are not in either place, locate the nearest hotel, go there, and tip the person who calls your taxi.  Also, always travel with a business card for the place you are staying. Cabbies will say they know where you’re going  to get a fare but make sure they understand the directions before you leave. You also can have your hotel write specific directions but keep in mind that in some countries, the drivers might not be able to read the official language.

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