Reflections and advice based on personal experience.

Choosing a Destination

If money is an issue, stay out of countries on the euro. They are far more expensive than most anywhere else, and most of the world is not on the euro. The next part is purely personal. Is there a pressing reason to visit a place?  My first trip alone was to Korea because my son was teaching there. I also traveled in Japan for a week because the plane stopped there. Often you can stay in a city where the plane stops as long as you eventually continue on to your final destination. Surprisingly, both countries are easy to travel in. Public transportation is excellent, all signage is in English, and both countries are very safe.

Other places I’ve chosen have fulfilled other needs. As a child I loved archaeology and read books about famous discoveries such as King Tut’s tomb so I visited Egypt. Sometimes another traveler describes a place that piques my interest—hence my trip to Guatemala based on a conversation with a couple I met on an overnight train to Budapest. Another trip to Cambodia came from the startling emails sent by my son who traveled there. It doesn’t have to be a solid reason. Where have you ever thought about visiting?  If you can’t come up with an idea, go to the UNESCO World Heritage site. The places listed have “ outstanding, universal value.”  Currently there are 725 cultural sites, 183 natural sites and 28 mixed sites. I have never been disappointed with any of these sites. You simply can’t go wrong.

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